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The PHEnOM Project: A Human Spaceflight Research Program

A Citizen Scientist-Astronaut Commercial Spaceflight Exploration & Research Mission – PHEnOM Project

MACON, Ga. – Dec. 14, 2015 – PRLog — The SeaSpace Exploration & Research Society, a pending 501(c)(3) non-profit exploration and research organization, announces the PHEnOM Project, (an acronym for Physiological, Health, and Environmental Observations in Microgravity). The PHEnOM Project is one of the world’s first commercial human spaceflight research programs, training and utilizing citizen scientist-astronauts and mission support specialists to carry out its mission objectives.

The mission of the PHEnOM Project is to serve as a leading catalyst for opening the commercial spaceflight industry and the opportunities it affords for engaging in innovative, ground-breaking research in the areas of health and human performance, pharmacology, materials science, engineering, countermeasures, and atmospheric and physical sciences, through the use of citizen scientists. The proposed research will be conducted in collaboration with academic, government, and commercial and private industry partners and collaborators.

Using a “cradle-to-grave” approach for all studies under the PHEnOM Project umbrella, research and technology maturation objectives are pursued from the ground, up. This approach utilizes laboratory-based ground evaluations, relevant and analog environments, and ultimately spaceflight, to produce a rich and diverse research portfolio for each study. Through its cross-disciplinary teams, the Project is able to package more scientific and technological value into each of its research projects, providing Project collaborators, partners, and team members with a more economical, efficient approach to microgravity research. In short, this is a REAL human spaceflight research program, NOT a tourist experience.

According to Jamie Guined, the PHEnOM Project’s Principal Investigator, “It is through programs such as the PHEnOM Project that everyday people, have the opportunity to contribute in a significant and meaningful way to the collective body of knowledge and understanding of the human exploration of space.”

To incite public interest and involvement in the Project, the SeaSpace Society is now accepting applications for its Citizen Scientist-Astronaut and Mission Support Specialist training programs.  Candidates for these two programs will be identified through a comprehensive application and selection process administered by the SeaSpace Exploration & Research Society and its Project partners.

For more information, visit the Project’s website at

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