The PHEnOM Project’s Citizen Scientist-Astronaut (CSA) corps is comprised of talented individuals from across the world working together to create and lead an unparalleled commercial human spaceflight research program. Our corps of Citizen Scientist-Astronauts participate in a very comprehensive training program that combines didactic course work with mission- and spaceflight-specific skills training. The PHEnOM Project’s CSA program is delivered over a period of two years using a blended instructional format that combines online/web-based didactic course work with six location-based trainings (3 each year). For the full curriculum, click here. Due to the rigorous and comprehensive nature of our Citizen Scientist-Astronaut training program, we request that only those who are willing to make such a commitment apply for this program. As a leader within the PHEnOM Project, the CSA corps will be involved in every facet of our research programs, from grant sourcing and proposal writing to data collection and final manuscript writing and publication. While much of the research conducted will be ground-based (laboratory) or utilizing a spaceflight analog environment (parabolic flight), members of the CSA corps will also be assigned to commercial suborbital spaceflight missions. To apply for the PHEnOM Project’s Citizen Scientist-Astronaut program, complete the application below.   


The PHEnOM Project’s Citizen Scientist-Astronaut (CSA) Program is very similar to a hybrid academic degree program, combining multiple methods of instructional delivery, including online, home study, and “ground school” (in-person, hands-on instruction). The training flow is designed to provide Candidates with an opportunity to apply their didactic knowledge to hands-on practical application in multiple areas of operational relevance, and is delivered over a period of 24 months. Didactic courses range in length from 9 to 16 weeks, and are equivalent to 2 – 5 hours of semester credit. The course curriculum has been submitted to the American Council on Education for initial assessment. If approved, Candidates will have the opportunity to earn college-level credits from multiple institutions of higher learning. Upon successful completion of all CSA Program training requirements, Candidates are eligible for suborbital spaceflight mission assignment.

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